Flourishing Enterprise


Flourishing Enterprise was written with eight colleagues who bring wildly different backgrounds and perspectives--all of whom intend to contribute to the possibility that the human species and all other species might flourish together on the earth, forever.  Published by Stanford University Press, and under the auspice of the business school at Case Western Reserve, it is the result of three years of arduous and challenging dialogue and exploration.

Improbably, but hopefully, it connects business, entrepreneurship, caring, connection, spirit, artistry and the flourishing of the human spirit, the human enterprise and the planet.    Where else could you find a weave of philosophy, management history, spiritual practice, poetry, and a tool box of approaches to make the world more human, humane and beautiful? 

I hope you find the book interesting, even inspiring.  And helpful in your work in the world.  Pass it to others. Write a review on Amazon.  Simply think about it!!