What does it mean to 'come home'?

In the next day or so David and I will head east after a renewing stay in the old family cottage in Leland, Michigan.

It's the house where I grew up. Where many friends have visited over the years.

We kayak out front on Lake Leelanau and have found huge pleasure in tending our raised bed garden that our nephew Tracy Brookfield created for us this year.

As I shift back to West River I leave this terrific old place in the hands of my niece Lisa who hosts it through Airbnb

It is gratifying to share this spot with others. Many of whom have come to love it.

Whoever said you can't go home again may not have been completely right. At least not in my case.


In a sense all discovery of our self may be a form of "homecoming ". It may be marked by place, which has been true in my place. Or it may be a matter of reconnecting with friends, or a sense of belonging that arises out of creative practices. Or the sense of belonging that comes out of a community you are invited into or you create for yourself.


Questions for Reflection

How can each of us return home in our own way?   
What helps us return to the roots of our authentic self? 
Who is our guide and companion in doing that?