Kaleidoscope: See What You See

Often, I find myself stuck in an old way of seeing things. Or fearful of the way things are unfolding around me. Seeking a path forward. Not seeing one. The poem below (prompted by the kaleidoscope which I keep on my bookshelf) emerged in a gathering in my living room as friends and colleagues explored their own role in leadership development. It reminds me of the need for breathing space, a chance to “turn” the kaleidoscope of images, to seek and practice new ways of seeing, of being wholly ourselves. This April 8-12, 2019 a group will gather in the living room here along the creek, south of Annapolis, to explore leadership development and renewal. If you feel hungry for renewal, for new perspectives on your own path forward, for ways to support healthy leadership, perhaps this is the time to join us. If you are intrigued about the process, drawn to the experience, write me at judybrown@aol.com.


See what you see

See what you see—

This gift I offer, A kaleidoscope,
Turn it, But slowly.

See what you see.

So with our lives,
An idea catches light,
An image opens path—
Before unseen— A kindness Softens a sharp edge.

This time together,
A kaleidoscope— Turn it, But slowly.

See what you see.

Judy Brown