Remaining Open to Possibility

My friend Mennie Scapens in New Zealand wrote the message that follows—about Spring and possibilities. I found her words and her questions for us very thought provoking. I asked if I might share them with you—making Mennie my first “guest blogger”. Thanks Mennie!

Speaking of opening our minds to possibilities—note that Mennie wrote this in October which is springtime in New Zealand. 

Remaining Open to Possibility

We look with uncertainty

beyond the old choices

for clear-cut answers

to a softer, more permeable aliveness

which is every moment at the brink of death;

for something new is being born in us

if we but let it.

We stand at a new doorway,

awaiting that which comes . . .

daring to be human creatures,

vulnerable to the beauty of existence.

Learning to love.

-  Anne Hillman  -


On Saturday I hosted the third in four seasonal Circle of Trust® day retreats I’ve scheduled this year:  The Wisdom of Spring:  Remaining Open to Possibility.

Drawing on the metaphor of spring we reflected on signs of spring in our own lives – new ideas, new directions, new possibilities that may be wanting to emerge in our life and work.

Spring is such an energizing time of year - a time of opening, emergence and new growth.  I’ve come away from the day with my batteries recharged, and my stores of hope and optimism replenished. 

The word ‘possibility’ is in itself a wonderful, life-giving word, charged with hope and opportunity.  It nudges me towards a more open-hearted view of the world, and reminds me of the need to cultivate ‘beginner’s mind’.  I have the kind of mind that works quickly and tends to jump to conclusions and judgments.  My mind has a habit of jumping ahead of a speaker’s words which means I can often decide what I think about what someone’s saying, before they’ve even finished saying it!  So remaining open to possibility will help me to suspend judgment and to develop my capacity for deeper, more open-hearted listening.

Remaining open to possibility also helps take the polarity out of divisive situations by allowing for the possibility that there may be some truth in the other’s perspective, which in turn opens the way for alternative solutions and ways of thinking to emerge. 

Leaders who remain open to possibility have no need for a façade of “I know what needs to be done and I have all the answers”. They’re prepared to be vulnerable and because of this they’re able to establish a group culture where team members feel safe to show up as their authentic selves, risk-taking is welcomed and collaboration is able to thrive.  In this way, remaining open to possibility allows for greater creativity, for co-operative teamwork and piggy-back thinking to flourish.


  • What green stems of possibility do you see in your life right now?

  • What is unfolding in your life at this time?

  • What are you being drawn towards?


Mennie Scapens

Tauranga, NZ.

4 October 2017