Remembering & Reconnecting

One of life’s gifts is crossing paths with remarkable people and whether we will see them again or not is always a mystery. Here is a poem that muses about the mystery of the connection and the memories that stay with us.



What if
we never
meet again?

Then somewhere
deep within
I'll carry with me always
that one questions
that you asked,
your flash of humor,
how you struggled in the task.
something you told me
you were wondering about.

Somewhere deep within,

I'll hear the story you told
or catch your laughter
or your glance across the way.

What if we never meet again?
The gift you gave
me with your presence
will remain and
change my life again
and yet again
in ways that
neither you nor
I can know.

Pg.29 in the revised The Sea Accepts All Rivers, Judy Brown 2016