Snow Days

Snow Days


There isn't anything

more full of life and joy

that one's own child

who doesn't have

to go to school

because of snow.


The snowstorms

are an unexpected gift,

a time to snuggle

in a chair before a fire,

a time to play and laugh

and soak the laziness

into our bones,

a time to be

exceedingly undone.


For grown-ups such free days

are rare.  Our lives are focused by

the drumbeat of our work,

the cadence of impatient

fingers on a desk. 


Perhaps my child's lesson

is the one I need to learn--

there isn't anything

more full of

joy and fun,

than one entire day

that's full of snow

and free of everything

I thought was life.

-From The Sea Accepts All Rivers and Simple Gifts


Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

We just returned from a remarkable conversation, my White House Fellows classmates and I, with President and Mrs Carter.  (This would qualify as not a typical Friday!) Somehow the last lines of this poem speak of how those two remarkable people, now in their 80's, have served the world since leaving office. And the words of the two fortune cookies in the poem also serve as encouragement to every one of us in our own life. To move forward with energy and hope.

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Transitions and Thresholds: What Comes After Change?

Transitions and Thresholds: What Comes After Change?

So many of my friends are in the midst of one transition or another, and in many ways, so am I, as I muse on how to set a healthy pace for this time in my life. As I ask friends (and strangers) how they see “the third thirty years” of life, I find myself drawn to images of openings, and closings—the picture of this gate, on the nearby property of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center is a favorite such image.    

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