Turning Points and Steppingstones

Turning points and steppingstones 


The turning points, 

The steppingstones 

Often arrive 

As some adversity 

Or opportunity— 

She said that 

With a depth of 


From her life— 

Out of the blue 

And unexpected— 

Years later 

She would see 

The path 

They had created— 

But in the moment 

Only confusion, 

Some surprise, 

Or grief, uncertainty 

About what 

Lay ahead. 

Her words still ring: 

The turning points 

In life oft show themselves 

As some adversity 

Or unexpected opportunity. 

And those to come? 

Those too. 


 Judy Brown, May 5, 2012

-from Stepping Stones to be released Fall 2014, contact us to reserve a signed copy.

A further thought in line with the poem: A gift of a quote from a colleague from a Portuguese proverb that the French love to use--"God writes straight on crooked lines"--profoundly true in so many things that happen that may seem bad but actually turn out for the best.