Enough Time

I was in the midst of a recent leadership development program, where we were juggling a complex time schedule and wondering if we had enough time for everything we had planned. We visited a home for retired Methodist missionaries and in the gift bag they gave each of us were three packets of thyme seeds. I loved the pun: plenty of thyme/time. And almost immediately my longtime friend Diane Cory sent me this story.  It seemed apt, and I wanted to share it with you. 

Many years ago, all feelings and emotions gathered to spend their vacation on a coastal island. Each of them was having a good time, but one day there was announced a warning of a storm and everyone had to leave the island.

This caused a panic, and all except Love rushed to their boats. There was much to do, so Love was the last one to realize that it was time to leave.  No free boats were left, but Love looked around with hope.

As Prosperity was passing by in an ornate boat, Love cried out: "Please, take me in your boat!" But Prosperity replied: "My boat is full of gold and other precious possessions; there is no place for you."

Then Vanity came by in a lovely boat.  Love asked: "Vanity, could you take me in your boat? Please, help me." Vanity said: "No, your feet are muddy and I don't want to get my boat dirty."

Some time later Sorrow was passing by and Love called for help. But Sorrow answered: "I am so sad, I want to be by myself."

Then Happiness came by.  Love asked for help, but Happiness was too happy and hardly concerned about anyone else.

Suddenly somebody called out: "Love, I will take you with me."  Love did not recognize its' savior, but gratefully jumped onto the boat.

When everyone had reached a safe place Love got off the boat and met Knowledge.  Love asked: "Knowledge, do you know who helped me when everyone else turned away?"

Knowledge smiled: "That was Time, because only Time knows Love's true value and of what Love is capable. Only Love can bring peace and happiness."
-- Author Unknown