These past few days I've been at Case Western Reserve University for a huge gathering focused on human and environmental flourishing. It was a celebrational time as the focus was our new book Flourishing Enterprise; the new spirit of business.

The remarkable synchronicity of chance meetings and the joy of seeing old friends was huge for me.

I met wonderful people through my work with poetry and sat with strangers only to find we had heart connections and good friends in common.

Toward the end of the time there I was thanking Bruce Cryer, former CEO of HeartMath, for wonderful comments about the power of the arts as a force for health. He handed me his card and there was the name of his latest venture: What makes your heart sing?

First chapter of my book, The Art and Spirit of Leadership, is "Know what makes your heart sing."

That was more coincidence than even I could expect.

Here was someone who studied arts and music, early in life had the lead in the musical " the Fantasticks" on Broadway for hundreds of performances, later a businessman, CEO, now, after huge health challenges having returned to music as a force for human flourishing. Music to my ears.

This short video introduces him and his work--I thought you might enjoy it.

And a poem of mine that touches on these kinds of turnings and choices.

Choose where you settle 

You cannot

live in

the house of love

and the house of fear




you settle.

It will                                                             


your world.

 -from my soon to be published book, Steppingstones