Thoughts from
Graduates of the Reflective Leader Project
Leadership Design Studio Intensive

Thank you for the bountiful RLP. It was stunning, and I am so very delighted to be a part of this dynamic offering.

The Reflective Leader Project

April 8-12, 2019

Over the course of the week, Judy shared learnings from her decades of extensive leadership development practice, and created structured space for participants to build on that with learnings from their own diverse and accomplished professional practices. Grounded in solid, well-researched theoretical underpinnings of leadership development, it was a week for all to learn and try out—to practice—new techniques and fresh approaches, and give deeper consideration to more familiar tried and true methods. I walked away from the week grateful for much professional generosity from all, pleased I’d carved out a week of intentional learning for myself, and with a renewed commitment to my own leadership development practice.

Judy has curated a lifetime of leadership knowledge and shared generously. This session offered an amazing learning space where each participant can equally receive and give gifts generously. I would recommend this session to anyone who would like to further their leadership journey.